The Farm At Grand River

Services We’re offering

We breed and sell LGD pups that are barn-raised alongside livestock to ensure they become effective guardians for animals. Priced between $300 to $600, our LGD pups provide peace of mind for farmers and ranchers concerned about protecting their herds from predators.

Customers can purchase our farm-fresh eggs laid by free-range and pasture-raised hens. Priced at $10 per hen and $3/dozen our eggs are known for their superior quality, freshness, and delicious flavor.

We offer comfortable and unique lodging options for guests, including glamping bell tents and camping facilities, providing a peaceful retreat surrounded by nature.

Guests can explore our working farm through guided tours and learn about our diverse agricultural operations, including hay production, chicken farming, egg collection, livestock management, and goat herding.

We provide interactive and educational experiences that allow guests to participate in farm activities such as feeding animals, collecting eggs, milking goats, and grooming livestock, fostering a deeper appreciation for farming and rural life.

Guests can enjoy various recreational activities on the farm and locally, including hiking trails, kayaking, beach, playground and outdoor games, providing relaxation, exploration, and family bonding in a natural setting.

Ask about our different River Runs we offer…from 3hrs to 2day trips!

We host educational workshops, demonstrations, and events focused on sustainable farming practices, animal husbandry, and agricultural innovation, providing valuable learning opportunities for guests of all ages.

We offer specialized programs and activities designed to engage and inspire youths, including farm camps, school field trips, and youth clubs, cultivating a love for farming and nature among the next generation of agricultural enthusiasts.

Our Other Products

Eggs, Angus cattle Beef, hay, & Myotonic Goats

We Sell Eggs, Angus Cattle Beef, Hay, & Myotonic Goats. Customers can purchase directly from us.

Angus Cattle Beef:

Our farm raises Angus cattle, known for their high-quality meat. Customers can purchase beef directly from us, with our product often in high demand and featuring a waiting list due to its exceptional taste and quality.


For hay production, we carefully monitor the entire process, from seeding and cultivation to harvesting and baling. We ensure that only the finest quality hay is harvested, free from contaminants and impurities.

Myotonic Goats:

We offer goats for sale, suitable for both livestock management and as pets. Our goats are raised with care and attention, making them ideal for those looking to add goats to their farm or homestead.

We also offer kayak rental and shuttle to The Grand River!!!

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Quality Control

Lodging Accommodations

Regarding lodging accommodations, we prioritize cleanliness, comfort, and functionality. Our camping facilities and glamping setups are inspected regularly for cleanliness and maintenance, with attention to detail in every aspect of the guest experience. From comfortable bedding and amenities to sanitary facilities and safety features, we strive to provide our guests with a welcoming and enjoyable stay.


In our educational programs, we maintain a commitment to excellence in content delivery and engagement. Our educators are knowledgeable and experienced in their fields, delivering informative and interactive sessions that inspire curiosity and learning. We solicit participant feedback to continually improve our programs and ensure they meet the needs and interests of our diverse audience.


Quality control is ingrained in our culture and operations, guided by a dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction. We aim to exceed expectations, build trust with our guests, and maintain our reputation as a premier agritourism destination by upholding the highest quality standards in everything we do.